1) AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. is an aircraft charter sourcing firm. The terms and conditions of the charter company will apply other than its terms and condition. AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. is not the operator of the aircraft. We would require the requested information within the stipulated timelines, in order to enable us to seek the necessary permissions for the effecting of the flight.

2) AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for passengers traveling without the relevant travel documents and/or, carrying any contraband items and/or, involved/indulging in any illegal activities.

3) Flying hour charges include the cost of the Aircraft fuel, oil, maintenance, landing and day parking charges, standard in-flight meals, navigation fees and dispatch cost of the aircraft.

4) In addition, we would be charging for the below mentioned items: a) Domestic Flights: i) Ground Handling service charges ii) extension of watch hours (if applicable) iii) Day Detention charges are applicable after 4 hours of waiting at a destination. iv) Night Halt charges (if applicable) v) Taxes as applicable b) International Flights: i) IFS (International Flight clearance Service) charges: IFS charges are applicable additionally, for flights operating in the international sector. This comprises of Permit Facilitation, Ground Handling, Hotel Set Up, Flight Planning, Airport Fees, 3rd Party Airport Fees, Basic Handling, Night Operation Fees, Supervision Fee, Landing Fee, Parking Fee, Towing assistance, Navigation, Security (per pax), Boarding Fee (Per pax), Ramp light (if used), Approach Fee, Follow-me, General Aviation Terminal Use, Passenger Tax, Passenger apron Tax, Passenger Departure Fee, VIP Service agent, General Aviation Terminal Use, Basic Handling, Other Handling, etc. ii) Crew stay (in lieu of Night Halt charges): iii) Taxes as applicable c) Any additional/statutory charges levied by Airport Authority, Customs/Regulatory authorities, shall be billed.

5) Cancellation charges for the charter: 100% of total Invoice value shall be deducted if the flight is cancelled within 3 days of scheduled departure. 50% of total Invoice value shall be deducted if the flight is cancelled within 5 days of scheduled departure. 20% of total Invoice value shall be deducted if the flight is cancelled 7 days or more of scheduled departure.

6) For any delay, not wilfully caused by the Charter company AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. will not be liable for to provide any compensation or damages to the client. In such cases the provisions mentioned in the aircraft charter company will be applicable.

7) Any changes/modification of ‘flight program’, requested by the customer after the commencement of the ‘flight program’ and if the same cannot be executed due to operational reasons / lapse of relevant permissions in flight sectors will be termed as ‘a last minute cancellation’ - and the cancellation clause of 100% would apply

8) If due to sudden deterioration of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft cannot land at the Destination OR diverted due to defence services activity AND has to return to the starting point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time and any other additional charges due to the diversion would be chargeable and balance if any, would be payable / refundable. 11) We do not serve alcoholic beverages on board (for flights within India) and smoking is not allowed on-board the aircraft.

9) Security Regulations: According to Security Regulations, Passengers are advised:- o not to accept any packets from unknown person. o Not to leave baggage unobserved at any time, especially within airport area o To declare before check in, if carrying any arms or explosive substances. Concealment is an offence under the Aircraft Act and rules. o Battery cells. dry cells carried in the hand baggage or any electronic/electrical items are liable to be removed and the Airline would not be in a position to hand over the same at the destination.

10) Prohibited Articles: Carriage of dry cell batteries, knives, scissors, sharp instruments, tools, fire arms, ammunition and their toy replicas are strictly prohibited.

11) Valuable Articles: Currency, precious metals, jewellery, negotiable instruments, securities, personal identification documents and other item of value are advised to be carried with the passenger in the cabin.

12) Restricted Articles: Medicines and toiletries in limited quantities which are necessary or appropriate for the passenger during journey, may be carried.

Force Majeure: AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. cannot be held responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reason/s such as Bad Weather, Poor Visibility, Non – Availability of clearances from ATC / Defence Authorities / Civil Administration. Due to above reasons, if the flight cannot take off from the Originating station full amount will be refunded (except the IFS charges which would have been incurred). AJM Jet Management Pvt. Ltd. will not be liable to the Client for any delay or failure to fulfil its obligations in connection with the provision of the Services where any such delay or failure is caused in whole or in part by any act of terrorism, biological or chemical contamination, pandemic, nuclear risks or electronic data loss, or to the extent that any such delay or failure arises from causes beyond its control, including, without limitation, fire, floods, acts of God, acts or regulations of any governmental or supranational authority, war, riots, strikes.

Declaration: While we endeavour to provide the Aircraft, we should not be held responsible for any cancellations/delay in commencement or continuation of the flight, due to technical snags or any other reasons beyond our control. We also reserve the right to deviate from the route of journey or alter the stopping place or decide on the number of passengers or decide on the acceptable baggage or take any necessary decision or change the type of Aircraft, in case the circumstances so demand, in the best interest of our passengers

Address :

AJM JET Management,#Level-3, Augusta Point Parsvnath Exotica, Sector 53,Golf Course Road, Gurgaon 122002, i Haryana, INDIA.

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